Loved that you came by! Make yourself at home and let’s have some fun, shall we?

I currently live in Redding, California and LOVE it here. LOVE. Hubs and I have lived here for 1.5 years now, and it is home. We are currently building home and community here, and praying in our tribe.

Right now, I’m housewifin’ it and slowly going after my dreams. I have an inner artiste in me, that’s been waiting to jump out and run around the block naked for about 3 decades now. So, that’s been happening. What else? Oh. But that crazy, intense person that I am inside, it knows that I am super intense, so lately, she came up with a plan to temper it with some ballet classes and guitar jams. Yup. My two biggest pastimes right now. Besides making chicken soup everyday. I’m also on the GAPS diet, and have been lovin it. But I also cheat a lot, like almost everyday, which prob explains why I am still on phase 1 of the GAPS intro diet. At least my cheats are really healthy and still considered whole foods.

What else do you wanna know about me? Ask. I’m pretty shameless. There’s something about turning 30 and going through a crazy healing season that will do that to ya. I think it’s called freedom and learning to really love who I am. Every bit of it. God really came through to me the past couple of years. My husband and I went on this crazy, wild adventure too, with YWAM, and that kinda jump started a lot of the healing that I didn’t know I so desperately needed.

Anyways, here I am. Ready to blab in this space. To bring a slice of my sunshine and some heavenly rain to this place. To meet kind, new friends here and have another avenue to express the crazy me that wants to go streaking naked around the block. Don’t worry, I’m super literal in real life, but don’t mean that literally right now. I would only do that if I had nice abs and a plump butt, with no cellulite. I’m pretty much what they call skinny fat.

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